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Health truly is our greatest wealth

Sometimes we don’t realise its importance until it is compromised. It took my own personal journey with chronic health problems to discover this. Naturopathy turned my life around and enabled me to fully understand how our bodies can heal or achieve significant improvement when we gently support and nourish them.

Health encompasses our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional states. If we don’t honour all aspects of our wellbeing, imbalances can develop and sometimes ill health or chronic disease.

When we are not feeling our best, our vitality and overall zest for life can diminish. It may` mean even the simplest daily tasks feel insurmountable due to pain, discomfort, fatigue or low mood. On the contrary, when we are feeling healthy, we feel motivated, energised, and full of positivity. 

Life throws challenges at us constantly and this stress and consistent demand may derail our health and emotional state at times. Additionally, many people have susceptibilities due to genetics, past or present illness and environmental or chemical exposure to name a few influencing factors. 

Naturopathy helps to gently restore the body and mindset to its optimal functioning. It can be beneficial as a stand-alone modality or in conjunction with conventional medical treatment or other therapies.

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Naturopathy works on these core principles:

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