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Initial naturopathic consultation

Cost: $195 (75 minutes)

Involves a detailed and thorough investigation of your health and current complaint(s). In this appointment, information about past/recent medical diagnoses and illnesses will be gathered along with medication and supplement usage (past and current); dietary and exercise habits; stress levels and stress management; emotional health as well as information about affected and other body systems (eg. digestive, reproductive, immune, nervous systems etc). Please provide recent pathology testing results if you have these. A treatment plan and prescription is provided (prescription cost is extra).

Return naturopathic consultation (long)

Cost: $155 (45 minutes)

For all second consultations and for patients who have not had a consultation within the last 4 months. Or for existing patients with pathology test results to review (either from GP testing or testing referred for via a previous consult).

Return naturopathic consultation (short)

Cost: $105 (30 minutes)

A progress consultation for existing patients having regular appointments to review patient’s progress and revise treatment & prescription.

Free “compatibility” phone call

15 minutes
New patients can schedule a 15-minute phone discussion to assess whether I may be able to help with your health condition and to decide whether I am the right practitioner for you. There is no obligation to make a booking following this phone call. If you have never visited a naturopath previously, this may be helpful to discover what a naturopath does and how we work.

Consultations are conducted online via Zoom video call, or alternatively via telephone. I will be offering face-face consultations soon in the NSW northern rivers region. Stay tuned!


The consultation fees do not include cost of supplements or herbal medicine that are prescribed following a consultation. Prescribed products are supplied via an external provider and posted to the patient.