Olive oil and herbs

Vegetable & seed oils – healthy or unhealthy?

They may sound like they would be healthy. However, vegetable and seed oils are increasingly being thought of as anything but healthy. The oils I am referring to include: • Canola oil• Sunflower oil• Safflower oil• Soybean oil• Grapeseed oil• Cottonseed oil• Palm oil• Peanut oil• Rice bran oil These highly refined seed and vegetable

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ceramic bowl with fermented sauerkraut

Good health begins in the gut

The Ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, who is known as the father of medicine, reportedly said “All disease begins in the gut”. Hippocrates was remarkably beyond his time considering he was born in the 5th century and modern science is still discovering links between gut health and development of a multitude of diseases and conditions. The

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